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About Smart Way Solutions

Our website is designed with you in mind. As a early childhood provider, you have one of the most important roles as an educator. Studies show the love for learning starts when children are small. As parents, teachers and providers you have the greatest opportunity to impact the lives of young children for a lifetime. Here at Smart Way Solutions we wan
t you to develop the skills and knowledge needed to advance children's learning through intentional, developmentally appropriate teaching practices that will increase the overall success for young children. 

Here at Smart Way Solutions we provide resources to child care provider/ directors and owners.Our mission is to enhance the knowledge of early childhood professionals and parents alike.  

Services Offered: 

  1. Free Printable Resources for Early Childhood Educators
  2. Professional Portfolio Binders 
  3. Age Appropriate Lessons and tools for young children.  
  4. Personalized Staff Handbook and Policies: Paper Form and Online Portal Access  
  5. Approved Personalized Professional Development  
  6. Approved Curriculum Development 

Additional Services Include: Group Accounts 

Online support for all staff members: New and Annual In-Service Renewals 

Approved Evaluation of Teacher Transcripts State and National Credentialing  

Support for Building Professional Portfolios for Accreditation observations and or renewals

Meet the Owner: Crystal